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Dutch Level A-1
A basic course to help you grasp the Dutch Language. Focused on Reading, listening and speaking. Develop a Vocab of 700+ Dutch Words.
Dutch Level A-2
In addition to Level A-1 we introduce you to Dutch grammar and writing skills. A more advanced level than A-1. Develop a Vocab of 3500+ Words.

Dutch Level B-1

A course called as Independent level course, for it makes you a intermediate level Dutch Language speaker. Focused on writing, reading, listening and speaking, it makes your daily life easy in Netherlands. Develop a Vocab of 7000-10000.

Dutch course : A-1 & A2

Full Level A (Basic) course that combines Level A-1 and Level A-2. A course designed for understanding the language and being able to communicate basic Dutch at your workspace, school and leisure.

Inburgering exams

Focused course to clear the much-coveted inburgeringexam this course prepares you in all the five subject areas of the exam; Reading, Listening, KNM (knowledge of Dutch Society), Writing and Speaking.

Dutch integration Exam (for MVV)

This course helps you obtain the permit to stay in Netherlands by clearing the Civic Integration Exam Abroad, required to apply for MVV Visa to enter Netherlands. It focuses on Dutch Society, history and culture.