Dutch Level B-1 course

Pranika Sharma
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The CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) describes Dutch Level-B as the independent level, meaning a person who masters both Level B-1 and Level B-2 will be an independent speaker of the Dutch Language.

This course, Level B-1/2F, is also called a threshold or intermediate course.

Level B-1 is a course on the harder side, and you would be able to follow it if you have a prior understanding of the Dutch Language. This is recommended for people who have already completed the previous level courses.

Course Aim

The result of this course is a level of listening and reading where you can understand the main points of a clear standard speech or text on familiar matters at your workplace, school, etc. You should be able to speak and write clearly on a wide variety of subjects and interests, explain your opinions and communicate or write spontaneously and with certain fluency.

Self Study load

As already told that this is a considerably more challenging course as compared to the previous two levels, a minimum of 2 hours every day. The course duration is around 20-25 hours and would require a self-study practice of over 150 hours.

Language of instruction

Majorly Dutch. English & Hindi instructions when and wherever necessary.

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