Dutch integration Exam (for MVV) course

Pranika Sharma
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The MVV is a special type of visa. You will need to pass a particular exam known as the ‘civic integration examination abroad’ before coming to the Netherlands if you apply for an MVV Visa.

To live in the Netherlands, you need a permit, and to obtain the permit, you need to clear this exam, so this course becomes very important if you are planning to live in the Netherlands for an extended period.

But not everyone requires to sit for this exam. To know more if you need to appear or not, click here.

Our Dutch Integration Exam Course is specifically designed to crack this exam. This is not just a language exam but also requires specific knowledge of the Dutch Society, living, history and culture.

Course Aim

The course’s primary focus is to help you clear the Civic Integration Exam so you can easily enter the Netherlands. As a byproduct, you would be able to speak and read the Dutch Language up to a basic level and have extensive knowledge of the Dutch culture, history and society.

Self Study load

Again like, Inburgeringsexamen, this course is also exam centred and would require 1 to 2 hours of self-study on an everyday basis. The course has a 32 hours/sessions duration and would take at least three months of study to clear.

Language of instruction

Dutch, in combination with some English & Hindi instructions.

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