Dutch course : A-1 & A2 course

Pranika Sharma
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This course teaches the complete basic level as per CERF, i.e., Level A.

Both, Level-A1 (beginner/breakthrough) and Level-2 (wayside/elementary) levels are catered to in this specific course.

The course is divided into 35 sessions of 1 hour each and would run for over three months at least, giving you ample time for self-study and practice. You would be able to develop a vocabulary of 7000+ Dutch Words.

Course Aim

You would be able to use Dutch in your everyday life, though at a basic level. You would find yourself understanding the situation, speaking transactionally and reading/writing basic dutch at your workspace and leisure. You would be able to answer some basic questions and ask the basic question. You would also be able to understand some main points from TV and Radio news, films etc.

Self Study load

As you already are aware that this course combines the two levels, so the time of practice also adds up to 120+ hours. A self-study load of 1 to 2 hours every day is required for better outcomes.

Language of instruction

Multilingual, i.e., Dutch, English & Hindi, for effective learning and easy understanding.

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