Dutch Level A-1 course

Pranika Sharma
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The CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) describes three levels of Dutch according to the proficiency, Level-A (Basic), Level-B (independent) and Level-C (Proficient). Each of these levels is further divided into two; A-1 & A-2, B-1 & B-2, C-1 & C-2.

This basic Level A-1 is a Dutch course for beginners. Also called Breakthrough or Beginner.

It will focus on your Listening, Reading and Speaking competencies, respectively.

Course Aim

You will learn some basic Dutch grammar and vocabulary to be used in your everyday transactions while in the Netherlands.

You would be able to introduce yourself using everyday expressions and greetings and learn the verb conjugation and the essential elements of grammar. In addition, you will develop 750-1000 words of Dutch vocabulary and know some simple and short question-answers for easy conversations.

Self Study load

The course duration is 15 sessions(hours), but the actual practice hours needed would be around 60-90 hours. So, the course is designed to last over three months, with an effective self-study load of 1 hour a day.

Language of instruction

Multilingual, i.e., Dutch, English & Hindi, for effective learning and easy understanding.

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