Dutch Level A-2 course

Pranika Sharma
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The course also falls under the Basic Level-A. But unlike Level A-1, this course includes writing lessons with higher speaking, reading and listening abilities.

This Level A-2 is a Basic Dutch course for beginners. Also called as Waystage or Elementary.

It is divided into 20 sessions (hours) and would also run for three months.

Course Aim

You would be able to read, write, speak and understand the language at a basic level and communicate effectively to a beginner’s level as per CERF, i.e., Level A1 and A2.

Some important lessons of this course are

The practice exercises are designed to inculcate correct pronunciations and practical communication skills. You will also develop an extensive vocabulary of 3500+ words.

Self Study load

Similar to A1, this course also requires an effective self-study load of 1 hour a day. This course’s duration is 20 sessions(hours), and the actual practice hours needed would be around 70-100 hours. So, the course is designed to last over three months.

Language of instruction

Multilingual, i.e., Dutch, English & Hindi, for effective learning and easy understanding.

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