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Why is it important to learn Dutch if you intend to stay in Netherland for a prolonged period?

When in Rome, do as Romans do! This comes from a tried and tested strategy. And if you are planning to migrate to a new place or seeking employment for a prolonged period, the first thing you should do, even if not mandatory, is to learn the language of the land.

And when it comes to Netherland, the country seems inaccessible without the language. Though most people speak English, and you would be able to transact the usual business, it becomes imperative that learning Dutch—the official language—is essential to enjoy your stay and life. 

Nearly 25 million people have Dutch as their first language, and another 5 million speak it as their second language in Holland. 

But the reasons why it becomes crucial for you to learn Dutch if you plan to stay in the Netherlands for a prolonged period are as follows.

    1. It’s Official – Practically for most businesses, schools, colleges and establishments, Dutch is the primary language of communication. Knowing the language gives you an added advantage to assimilate seamlessly into the local culture and conversations at your respective place of work, education etc. Legal, paralegal and formal business are primarily conducted in Dutch. Also, it helps to achieve citizenship quickly if you learn the language to a certain fluency level. But fret not; you can Learn Dutch in Netherlands, both online or offline. 


    1. For job opportunities – Many establishments have Dutch as a required language to get employed. Some jobs explicitly ask for Dutch Speakers. Also, the Dutch legal system requires you to learn at least a certain level of Dutch to climb up the ranks. Also, most of the formal proceedings are in the Dutch language. Especially in more minor and localized companies, knowing Dutch becomes an integral part of the work culture, as most of the presentations and meets are in Dutch.


    1. Social Life becomes more accessible – People talk in their mother tongue, always, everywhere around the world. And that is true for the Dutch people. When part of a Dutch group, if you don’t know the language, you will miss out on the conversation, or they consciously would have to make an effort to include you. The local news, the cultural events, the festivals, everything is more exciting and immersive if you know Dutch.


    1. Menial Tasks made easy – When you start living at a place, you require many menial tasks to be taken care of, like plumbing, servicing, electrical works, and going to an ethnic eatery. Knowing the local language makes it easier. It also gives a sense of belonging to the place. Also, you keep abreast with the news.


  1. The Leisure and pleasure with a hint of culture – Ethnically and historically, the Netherlands is a vibrant place. Most leisurely places, like theatres, natural walks, and ancient and historical sites, are better understood if you know the language. The Dutch people have rich folklore as well. A whole new world of music, literature, films and soap operas opens up to you if you know Dutch.

So, to open up to the Dutch people and feel more accepted, there is nothing better than to learn their language; they are very encouraging and appreciative of it. And if you are an English speaker, learning Dutch becomes much easier, and with a plethora of portals to Learn Dutch Language Online, it becomes much easier. 

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