English language ( TOEFL and IELTS preparation) course

Pranika Sharma
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Adults and children can learn English language.

One can also Learn to clear English exam for Canada & England Visa. Would you like to be able to communicate worldwide? Learn English at Multilang ! Do you feel uncertain about your English or want to perfect your language proficiency? Multilang provides courses at every level. What is your level? Group courses (Learning a language in a group). Multilang offers group courses in different languages at various levels. You acquire the language easily and learn from others. Which language are you going to learn? Ideal for those with busy or changing schedules. An individual distance learning course enables you to choose how and when you study – and of course, where! Optimal flexibility.


You can do this course on your computer or tablet all over the world. In the course you will practise listening, reading, grammar and vocabulary on an individual basis. In addition, the course gives you the opportunity to practise basic speaking and writing. The teacher can give you online feedback to these exercises.

Self Study load

2 to 3 hours every day ( depends student to student & how soon you want to learn) The course is aimed to last 3 months. This way, you are free to organize your time flexibly.

Language of instruction

Dutch, in combination with some English & Hindi instructions.

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